Wednesday, October 8, 2014



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Our mom still claims that we've been to L.A couple years ago when we were little kids. 

However, we still believe that the trip she has been claiming was Florida, not L.A because we so 

do not remember Hollywood at all but Disney World.

Regardless of this story, It was our first time in LosAngeles (At least the one we remember). 


It was beyond amazing. 

I know that the first thing we had when we got to L.A was korean food is kind of odd

but come on, the flight landed at 1:00am.

We were supposed to be landed at 10pm  but apparently, the GPS in the plane was broken

so the flight got delayed. We were definitely bombed out from wasting the whole day.

But, trust me the food recovery actually worked. 

Price was way cheaper than Hawaii (I don't know about housing but eating out in L.A was definietly cheaper than eating out in Hawaii. )

Everything that would cost nearly $20 were $7-10.

Still tripping out that the cigarettes were cheaper too!

We stayed at downtown Sheraton Hotel and it was quite convenient.

The metro was right in front our hotel, and 5 min walk led us to Zara and H&M and this really great 

cupcake place. (We had cupcakes before dinner and they were delicious.)

Another 5 min walk from there led us to this fancy Italian restaurant that also had bakery on the side. 

Since the metro was near by, it was easier for us to come back to the hotel from Universal Studio.

Throughout the whole trip, our friend who lives in L.A basically took us around.

We also used Lyft after shopping from The Grove Mall. 

Funny thing was that our friend told us about how most people in L.A are into Acting and Screenplay 

and all sort of movie related jobs. Then right after, we used Lyft and our driver was actually

an actress. Which we found it very funny. I wonder if it is true that most people 

are into acting or are we just stereotyping? 

Anyhow, the trip was amazing and I can't wait to move to L.A next year!